1 skull. (Colloquial)
2 faculty, powers of the mind, judgment. (Metaphorical)
No tiene cholla he has not the brains of a sparrow; he is bird-brained
3 wound, sore. (Central America)
4 laziness, slowness. (Andes & Central America)
5 head.
3rd person singular (él/ella/ello) present indicative of spanish verb: chollar.
2nd person singular (tú) Imperative of Spanish verb: chollar.
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nombre femenino
1 familiar (cabeza) nut, block, head
2 familiar (inteligencia) brains plural, grey matter
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femenino (Méx fam) head
* * *
= knocker.
Ex. He got hit with a cricket ball, smack right on top of his knocker.
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femenino (Méx fam) head
* * *
= knocker.

Ex: He got hit with a cricket ball, smack right on top of his knocker.

* * *
(Méx fam)
* * *
cholla nf
CAm Fam [flema] sluggishness
* * *
cholla nf, fam : head

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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